comminutor ph-6

For long, trouble-free life

You can install it and forget it. Our comminutor will give you round-the-clock service and still have enough reserve capacity to take you through emergency situations without a complaint.

Dynatec comminutors feature a weather-proof, heavy-duty, right-angle gear motor. Materials of the gears comply with all the mechanical rating of the American Gear Manufacturers Association rating standard.

Strong corrosion-resistant materials are used throughout.

Torque Clutch
Protects Gearbox from shocks
The gearbox is protected from heavy shocks loads by a torque clutch in the drive line. Long, maintenance-free life is assured for the critical gear assembly.

Large Inlet Trough

Allows bypass during power outages

Should the comminutor ever lose power, you can be sure the incoming sewage will still flow freely into your plant. The large, open-top inlet allows sewage to bypass the comminutor if necessary, so your lines are always open.

Cast Aluminum Construction
For maximum Corrosion Resistance

The outer shell, the inlet through and the drum are cast of the finest grade aluminum for optimum corrosion resistance. Overall weight is reduced, too, for easy installation and handling. A powder coating is applied for a durable finish.

Reversing Control Panel

Guards against jams

When Dynatec comminutor is equipped with an automatic reversing control and encounters a very hard object, it will briefly reverse the motion of the cutting drum and then restart in the forward direction. The programmed, solid-state circuitry will signal the comminutor to keep "backing off and trying again" until the jam is cleared or until the motor's overload protection circuit stops the sequence.This control panel, when supplied, may be remotely mounted or attached to the comminutor. Special control systems are available on request.

Machined Hardened Steel Cutters

Long-Lasting sharpness

The cutter comb and rotating cutter bars are machined from A2 chrome carbon tool steel for maximum cutting performance and high resistance to dulling.

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